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Wireless Solution

Wireless Technology is an ideal technology for providing Service without any physical medium (Cables). We have provided several Outdoor/Indoor Solutions to various companies as per their requirements

Outdoor Wireless Solution
Wireless network enable real-time access to application, network resources. Outdoor Wireless Network Solutions offer a wealth of new opportunities to keep people connected and create new service opportunities and applications that improve productivity and responsiveness. Medium & Large Business Enterprises can connect their co-locations like offices/factories/warehouses without any third party�s network. This will allow you to manage multiple locations from a single point.

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Indoor Wireless Solution
Indoor Wireless solution is ideal for Small-Medium sized organization. The Indoor WiFi Technology allows you to connect your network without cables with the data speed up-to 300Mpbs. You can connect your WiFi enabled Laptops and Desktop PC as well as Printers with PCI or PCMCIA Wireless Cards on economical price.


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